Low, Mid and High Kickpoint Shafts

Kickpoint is a term used to describe how flex or stiffness gets distributed throughout the shaft. The term specifically refers to the point in the shaft where the most flexing occurs. Kick-point takes on several other names like flex-point, whip-point and bend-point. Although kick-point refers the point of maximum flex, it doesn’t imply that the golf club acts like a “hinge” or “lever”. It is instead a measure of where the golf club “bows” the most.

A golf shaft may be labeled by a particular flex like regular or stiff. However, golf shafts have stronger and weaker points within themselves. Meaning different parts of the shaft may be more or less flexible than others. This creates kick-point and tip stiffness. The location of a kick-point can be manipulated even between two identical clubs. By varying the thickness and diameter of a shaft, manufacturers can manipulate kick-point location to suit the needs of a wide variety of swings.

The location of the kickpoint in a golf shaft takes on great importance. High kickpoints aid in lower ball flight, while lower kick-points create higher trajectory shots. The kick-point will also influence tip stiffness and “feel” during the swing. Players should purchase drivers with golf shafts that match their needs.

Low Kickpoint Mid Kickpoint High Kickpoint
Higher Trajectory Medium Trajectory Lower Trajectory
Low Swing Speeds Medium Swing Speeds Higher Swing Speeds

Golfers with smooth tempo and early release of the wrists in the golf swing should consider a low kick-point. A late and forceful release of the wrists during the swing would call for high kickpoint. Most golf shafts actually have kickpoint location labeled right on them. Make sure to select clubs with kickpoints to suit your individual needs. If you have tour grade club head speed or high trajectory shots, consider using a high kickpoint golf shaft. Beginning players with low swing speeds and low trajectory shots should use low kick-point shafts.

Golfers should use kickpoint location in golf shafts to their advantage. Kickpoint location can help with trajectory issues and help you hit the golf ball further. If this concept is still over your head don’t worry. The vast majority of golfers can use the stock shafts on golf clubs. Only those players with special needs or exceptionally fast swing speeds will need to worry about kick-point. If you still are intrigued about the concept, be sure to address this topic with your club fitter or local PGA professional.

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